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Moko Be (Reprise) - Moko Be

Kwemo - Moko Be

Moko Be - Moko Be

Moko Be (Reprise) - Moko Be

Moko Be (Twi Version) - Moko Be

Moses' Song - Moko Be

None Compares - Moko Be

Praise Joint 1 - Moko Be

Woana Na - Moko Be

Wontse Bo - Moko Be


Nii Okai - Okokroko (live)

This is a new anthem for praisers!!! Nii Okai releases another infectious praise song from his upcoming 6th album called - OKOKROKO (Great and Mighty One). The song is a fusion of western funk and native adowa rhythm, laced with a rich weave of Engl



Yesu hi (Jesus is good) is the latest hit song from Nii Okai's upcoming 6th album. This multi-lingual sing-along song with international appeal was recorded live in Tema with the Harbour City Mass Choir and a rich assembly of musicians and singers includi