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Altar Call 1 - Hymns Unlimited

Kwemo - Hymns Unlimited

Moko Be - Hymns Unlimited

Moko Be (Reprise) - Hymns Unlimited

Moko Be (Twi Version) - Hymns Unlimited

Moses' Song - Hymns Unlimited

None Compares - Hymns Unlimited

Praise Joint 1 - Hymns Unlimited

Woana Na - Hymns Unlimited

Wontse Bo - Hymns Unlimited


Trinity (Nyonmo Ete-Kome) - Nii Okai

This worshipful track from Nii Okai is set to keep you locked in His presence. It is inspired by Psalm 40 and rendered in Ga - one of the most beautiful worship languages in the universe. Trinity was composed by Nii Okai, produced by Koda and the Ni


Coming Back Again (live) - Nii Okai

Nii Okai presents 'Coming Back Again', recorded live at KICC Ghana and featuring the Harbour City Mass Choir. This upbeat hit release, mixed by KODA, highlights the first advent and heralds the second coming of Christ.

Event01 May, 2015 14:00

Saving Hearts Storm (SHS)

A mammoth sales storm to release Nii Okai's 5th Album - Saving Hearts, to drive the Saving Hearts Project.

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01 May, 2015 14:00 - 01 May, 2015 20:00
The JUNCTION Mall and the West Hills Mall respectively
Heart Savers
GHS 50.00 | Available @ NOM