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12 Every Single Word Utter - Holy Writings

Kwemo - Holy Writings

Moko Be - Holy Writings

Moko Be (Reprise) - Holy Writings

Moko Be (Twi Version) - Holy Writings

Moses' Song - Holy Writings

None Compares - Holy Writings

Praise Joint 1 - Holy Writings

Woana Na - Holy Writings

Wontse Bo - Holy Writings


Saving Hearts Flashmob - Nii Okai with Virtue

On May 1, 2015, Nii Okai, Virtue Theatre & HCMC stormed the Junction Mall to herald the release of SAVING HEARTS (Nii Okai's 5th album) with a flashmob. It was a huge success with live worship within Shoprite by HCMC and world class choreography by Vir


Trinity (Nyonmo Ete-Kome) - Nii Okai

This worshipful track from Nii Okai is set to keep you locked in His presence. It is inspired by Psalm 40 and rendered in Ga - one of the most beautiful worship languages in the universe. Trinity was composed by Nii Okai, produced by Koda and the Ni

Event01 May, 2015 14:00

Saving Hearts Storm (SHS)

A mammoth sales storm to release Nii Okai's 5th Album - Saving Hearts, to drive the Saving Hearts Project.

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01 May, 2015 14:00 - 01 May, 2015 20:00
The JUNCTION Mall and the West Hills Mall respectively
Heart Savers
GHS 50.00 | Available @ NOM